Viruses and Ransomware are both damaging to a business but what is the difference between the two? Our latest blog will explain the difference between anti-virus and anti-ransomware.

Ransomware is on the rise and more common than ever. Hackers are finding more complex solutions to gain unauthorized access to a PC which means we need to step up the mark to make sure we have the best protection possible. What is ransomware? For those who don’t quite understand the purpose of ransomware, a […]

Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced a massive change in Facebook’s news feed algorithm. Could this be the end of business marketing? According to the Facebook creator they are responding to feedback from their audience and users on the platform about receiving business adverts here, there and everywhere. It has been discussed and it’s clear that […]

From ransomware to lost files, with our re seller product StorageCraft we can help you restore your lost files. We have seen an increase in Ransomware and we would like to take this opportunity to give you all the details on this product so you’re ten steps closer to protecting your PC, server and most […]