Bill is all over Facebook at the moment and is certainly trending in social media circles. But exactly who is Bill? What is his message to us? Should we be scared? Well, Bill is really quite innocent at the moment and will probably fade into obscurity in a few weeks. Bill is a social media […]

Isn’t awful? You’re just about to attend an important meeting and your battery life is dwindling. Your power adapter is no where in sight! Fear not, there are a few things you can do to extend your laptop’s life. Hurray! Flat battery syndrome is a thing of the past! Follow our simple tips and learn how to increase […]

Firstly, what is ewaste? Ewaste refers to all the electronic appliances that you discard, such as mobile phones, computers and televisions. You may not realise it but the decision you make about what to do with your old Windows 98 machine or your Nokia 3310 is actually very important. Ewaste contains an alarming amount of […]

3D printing is still making headlines in the news; people printing limbs or guns, etc. but what about 3D printing at home? It is feasible and more importantly, is it affordable? In this blog we explore 3D printing for the home and what you need to get started. 3D Printing: How does it work? The […]

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