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5 Awesome Gadgets for Working from Home

Working from home is the new norm. So why not get some awesome gadgets to make life a

Working from home has become the new normal for many of us, and with us still sitting at home with our laptops for the foreseeable future, we might as well make it more comfortable and productive. Thankfully, there’s some fun and interesting pieces of tech out there that help you do just that (but are also great for an office setting too!). In addition to the tips we have for working from home effectively, these gadgets will make remote working even more productive and manageable.

1 - A Smart Speaker

No longer having to settle with whatever someone has playing in the office, the choice of background music is yours! With a smart speaker, you can simply use your voice to control what you want to hear, keeping you on your work. Smart speakers, such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Home, will also conveniently remind you about that upcoming Zoom conference or to take a much needed break away from your computer. They are a handy little assistant that will help keep you motivated and productive throughout the day.

2 – The Ember Mug

There’s nothing worse than being caught up with a task or meeting then finally sitting down to enjoy that coffee you made earlier only to realise…it’s cold! That’s no longer the case with the new Ember Mug! This mug keeps your hot beverages hot and can be controlled with your smartphone. Whether you’re stuck on a conference call or busy with homeschool for the kids, you know you have a hot cup of coffee or tea waiting that’s ready when you are.

3 - Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook

Missing your office whiteboard? This notebook could be the next best thing! The Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook lets you take notes or make drawings which are then scannable with your smartphone into high-quality files. It’s very accurate, versatile, and comfortable to use, making them useful for taking notes during a meeting or sharing concepts with a team. And when you’re done with scanning your notes and saving them onto the cloud, simply wipe away with water. Even when face-to-face meetings resume, it is still handy to take along.

4 – Saent Productivity Monitor

Working form home can come with a lot of distractions, but the Saent is here to help with a lot of them and to keep you on task! Saent is the world’s first smart device designed to boost productivity by keeping you less distracted and reminding you when to take those all-important breaks too. Just a click of the button and you instantly block out distractions, allowing you to solely focus on your work with time blocking based on the Pomodoro method. When it is time to take a break, it will let you know.

5 – Packed Pixels

There are many people who may have used a multiple-screen set-up in the office but find it difficult to replicate at home with a laptop and/or limited space.

Now you can do just that with Packed Pixels, a lightweight portable monitor that works with laptops. No more going back and forth between programs! Instead, you get more streamlined tasks and time saved.

We Can Also Help with Those Long-Term Tech Solutions

If your organisation is adjusting to long-term remote working and want to make sure your tech and IT systems are prepared, we can help. Just get in touch with our friendly team here at Aspect IT today to discuss your needs and how we can find a solution for you. 

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