Introducing yoga workshops to help boost productivity

Yoga in business has huge benefits. We decided to host internal yoga workshops to reduce stress and increase

A small break from our computer screens every once in a while won’t hurt, especially when it comes to our health. We decided to introduce yoga workshops in to the business as it gives all staff a chance to focus their mind and take a short break from work. It went down a treat as everyone loved it and felt much more refreshed. 

Meet our yoga instructor


Meet our fully qualified yoga instructor and Aspect IT’s Software Developer, Joe Peate. Once a month, Joe will plan and lead a 30 minute yoga workshop for all staff in the office. We do several poses and breathing exercises to relax us and help strengthen our backs!

Joe leads a yoga session and teaches the activity at his local practice studio. Also, he enjoys trips away to places like India to practice even more to help meditate and strengthen his yoga so he can advance his knowledge in yoga. 

Yoga has helped staff in the office massively

Every so often you’d hear: “Oh my back” or “My back is killing me”. So when you have a yoga instructor in the business, what better way to sort it than to host a yoga session for us all. Not only does it give us a good stretch, but it helps us de-stress through meditation. 

Once we held the workshop, we worked out the following week that our productivity had increased by 12%! Who knew that 30 minutes of exercise in between working hours could do so much benefit for employees?! We’ve proved it works so we decided to carry it on. 

The benefits of yoga

  1. Mind – yoga helps balance the mind and helps you to de-stress. At the start of our session, Joe like to teach us a bit of meditation to start the process of becoming relaxed and switched off from work temporarily. 
  2. Flexibility – as you grow older, you’re more likely to be less flexible unless you keep up with maintaining your posture and muscles. Regular yoga practice helps stretch your muscles and become more flexible.
  3. Strength – as silly as it may seem, yoga helps build core and body strength. It’s great to do on a weekly basis to help strengthen and tone your body.
  4. Productivity – proven by us, it helps boost productivity in business so it would be something useful to consider.
  5. Social activity – it’s a great social activity to get involved with as with any other activity group. 

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