We inspired Mahdlo Youth Centre members in to tech careers

Mahdlo have recently visited the Aspect IT office to take part in a youth tour and an inspirational

Recently, we held an inspirational talk to young adults from Mahdlo Youth Centre at our Offices. Software Developer, Peter Dorotiak delivered an informative presentation on running a business in the technology industry.

About the Youth Tour

The event welcomed seven young adults (ranging from the ages of 16-21) to the Aspect IT office, and receiving a tour of the premises, alongside of an inspirational talk by Peter.

As co-founder of Aspect IT, Peter discussed what his background consisted of to help his career, what he does on a daily basis, what

it’s like to run a business and how they can look forward to a career in tech. Some of the youths were quite unsure on what their desired career is, so a short discussion from our Marketing Executive, Danielle helped to further influence their decisions.

Danielle was a previous apprentice here at Aspect IT, and landed herself a full time job afterwards. She shared her experience and how she became where she is now.

Mahdlo Youth Zone

Mahdlo Youth Zone is a community center based in Oldham, designed to encourage youths to stay off the street. The center offers many activities for children ages 8 to 19 that allows them to express their talents or get involved with sports. 

The zone has been running for a number of years and has been successful in encouraging young people to join the center and get involved. 

What was said about the event

From the whole event, our Software Developer and co-founder of Aspect IT said:

“It was a great opportunity for us to work with Mahdlo to help youths explore the business industry and influence decisions on their future career.”

Thomas Dawson, a Mahdlo Youth Zone member commented:

“It was very informative and engaging. Everything was so easy to understand, and it has definitely influenced my interest in the field of Information Technology.”

Ali Sadaqat, Employability and Enterprise Coordinator of Mahdlo added:

“Aspect IT were very friendly, impressive and knowledgeable. It was very motivating for the group and we thank you for your time spent with the young people of Oldham. Fantastic visit.”

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