Our latest Software Development project for the LDSA was a success!

The LDSA required a website to provide a stepping-stone for their growth. We donated a website to the

Our latest Software Development project was to give the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association a stepping-stone for growth. We donated a free website so that the LDSA can continuously aim to grow and increase awareness. The LDSA is run by disabled supporters who aim to address access to the ground and raise the standards of facilities offered to the supporters. 

The Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association membership is open to supporters with disabilities and/or impairments. They also offer memberships to workers and carers of the LDSA.

About the project

The LDSA wanted a revamp and a modern, updated website to encourage user activity online. We were recommended through a current client of ours who is in association with the LDSA. The project work, which would have cost approximately £5,000, was donated by director, Peter Dorotiak on behalf of Aspect IT.

It was donated as a way of contributing to, and raising awareness of, the positive work that the LDSA does. 

A preview of the final product!

What was said about the whole project

Peter Dorotiak of Aspect IT said:

“The LDSA is a great association and the work they do is amazing. We wanted to help, and the best way we could was to build them a new website.

“We hope that this new website will give them a suitable platform to grow and raise disability awareness even further.”

Karl Lindsay, Committee member of the LDSA added:

 “The LDSA are excited to launch our new website to our members. We would like to thank Aspect IT for all the help they have provided while designing and building the website.

“This is a pinnacle moment for the LDSA providing us with the stepping-stone we need for future growth. It will also help us to bring together fellow disabled fans from across the globe”.

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