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Good Deed 12: Creating a New Website for Leeds Ukrainian Community Association

For our 12th Good Deed we created a new website and business cards for Leeds Ukrainian Community Association.

Our journey to 20 Good Deeds continues!

For our 12th Good Deed we’ve been creating a new website and business cards for Leeds Ukrainian Community Association. The site is now live and we’re ready to share ALL the details of this Good Deed.

Carry on reading for more.

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About Leeds Ukrainian Community Association (UCA)

Leeds UCA are a community-based charity dedicated to helping the people of Ukraine.

They work with local councils and trusted key contacts to regularly organise fundraising events and collect aid to send to Ukraine.

In addition to this, the charity also do an amazing job of promoting Ukrainian culture, language and heritage in the local area – something which is extremely important to our director, Peter, who is of Ukrainian descent and has supported various groups in the past.

leeds uca homepage

Creating a New Website and Business Cards for Leeds UCA

When we found out that Leeds UCA were in need of a new website to promote their charitable efforts, we were keen to help. After all, we’ve created many websites for clients over the years and as such have witnessed firsthand how a great site has a positive impact on all types of organisations.

With that in mind, we offered to create a website free-of-charge for Leeds UCA. Fast forward to now – the project is finished and the site is live!

You can check it out and learn even more about Leeds UCA here.

leeds uca cards

But wait – that’s not all!

To take Good Deed 12 even further, we also designed and printed new business cards for Leeds UCA.

We hope that both the new site and business cards help Leeds UCA spread the word and get others involved in the amazing work they are doing.

8 Good Deeds Remaining

We still have 8 more Good Deeds left before we hit our goal of 20.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media – we’ve been unveiling each Good Deed on there one by one and will continue to do so.

Finally, if any of our contacts would like to get involved, or you have any ideas for our ‘Good Deeds’, please get in touch with us.

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