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Good Deed 16: Donating to The Hygiene Bank

For our 16th Good Deed we donated a range of items to The Hygiene Bank South Manchester who

For our 16th Good Deed we’re delighted to announce that we have donated a range of items to The Hygiene Bank South Manchester!

Tackling Hygiene Poverty

The Hygiene Bank are a charity on a mission to inspire social change and tackle hygiene poverty, i.e. not being able to afford the essential hygiene products that many of us take for granted.

A network of projects has been set up across the UK to help give people access to the basics they need. This network is used to collect and distribute a range of items such as shampoo, hand wash, shower gel, toothpaste and sanitary products to service users.

It’s an incredible cause which we are very proud to have supported – after all, nobody should feel restricted when it comes to their basic hygiene and cleanliness.

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After finding our local project in South Manchester we got in touch with Clare, a wonderful volunteer for the charity, who provided us with a list of items they were currently in need of.

We then took our shopping list with us on a trip to Tesco before coming back to the office with a variety of goods to donate including shampoo, shower gel, hand wash, bubble bath, deodorant, baby wipes and sanitary towels. 

A few days later, Clare kindly came across to collect the items from us.

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The donations we provided will help The Hygiene Bank South Manchester work towards their vision, ensuring that everyone living in the UK one day has access to essential hygiene products.

If you’d like to support The Hygiene Bank too, head over to their website to find your local project.

Only 4 More Good Deeds Remaining!

There’s now only 4 more Good Deeds to go before we reach our target of 20.

Make sure you’re following us on social media to see the remainder of our journey unfold – Good Deed 17 is coming soon!

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