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Good Deed 18: Promotional Materials for Pennine Pen Animal Rescue’s Fundraising Event

Carry on reading to find out how we helped Pennine Pen Animal Rescue promote their upcoming fundraising event

Here it is… Good Deed 18!

Towards the start of our Good Deed journey (back in November for Good Deed 4!), we donated food and cleaning supplies to Pennine Pen Animal Rescue, who take in and provide sanctuary to unwanted or abandoned animals.

donations for pennine pen

Since then, we’ve stayed in contact with the charity and they recently approached us to ask for some support with the promotion of an upcoming fundraising event.

Carry on reading as we share all the details on how we helped them for our 18th Good Deed.

Walk 60 Miles This September for Pennine Pen

For the first time ever, Pennine Pen are hosting a walking challenge, encouraging their generous supporters to walk 60 miles with their pet throughout the month of September. All funds raised from the event will go towards the rescue’s ongoing work.

To get the ball rolling and encourage as many sign-ups as possible before the start of September, we first started looking into some different fundraising platforms which the charity could use.

After doing our research, we presented it to Pennine Pen so that they could chose their preferred platform – Enthuse. We then got to work, liaising with Enthuse to set up this fundraising page and this event page

aspect it fundraising page created for pennine pen animal rescue

The fundraising page allows the charity to collect general donations from supporters at any time, whereas the event page is purely dedicated to the walking challenge, facilitating the sign-up and subsequent sponsorship for those who want to take part.

aspect it event page created for pennine pen animal rescue

When creating the pages, we carefully crafted the content on there to align with Pennine Pen’s branding and communicate their messages effectively. Our aim was to make the registration process as easy as possible, not only to increase Pennine Pen’s chances of getting people registered, but to also make it an enjoyable experience for supporters.

But it didn’t end there!

To further promote the event, we also designed a leaflet for Pennine Pen, along with a supporting social media post. 

Take a look at the leaflet we designed below – they were distributed at the charity’s recent summer fair and are also on display in the rescue and charity shops.

aspect it leaflet designed for pennine pen animal rescue

Lastly, we took to Pennine Pen’s website and added some content relating to the event on the homepage, as well as links to the event page. This made sure that no stone was left unturned and we’d covered all bases in promoting the event.

aspect it changes made to pennine pen website

Job Done!

Our job helping Pennine Pen promote their fundraising event is done and we’re now looking forward to seeing their supporters getting involved.

The challenge starts on the 1st of September so there’s still plenty of time to register – if you’d like to participate please click here


The completion of our 18th Good Deed means there are now just TWO Good Deeds remaining before we reach our target of 20!

We can’t believe the journey is almost coming to an end.

Thank you for all the love you’ve shown our Good Deeds – make sure you’re following us on social media to see the final ones revealed.

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