Hannah Prepares College Students for Employment with Tech Workshops

Hannah recently visited a Huddersfield college to prepare students for employment with cybersecurity and social media workshops. Find

Recently, our Marketing Executive, Hannah delivered her first set of tech workshops to students of The White Rose School of Health and Beauty, based in Huddersfield. The aim was to educate college students (ranging from ages 16-19) on cybersecurity and prepare them for employment with social media training.

Hannah firstly led an informative presentation and classroom discussion on the importance of cybersecurity and the significance of a digital footprint today. She taught the students how to best protect themselves online, as well as how to prevent, and identify a cyberattack.

Following this, the second session saw Hannah use her marketing experience to inspire and educate students on the power of social media in business. She guided the students through the whole process, from the necessary planning, to the execution of content and growing an audience. She also touched upon what it means to act professionally online through social media best practices.

These workshops were invaluable to the students, as many are preparing to leave college and enter the world of employment. Whether they are joining an already-established business or setting up their own, having professional social media skills is a must.

Clare Dorotiak, Lecturer at The White Rose School of Health and Beauty believed the workshops to be a success, adding:

“Both groups really enjoyed the session. Everyone found the examples and ways to spot a phishing email useful. The learners were especially interested in the tips Hannah shared to help them promote their own business on social media.”

About The White Rose School of Health and Beauty

The White Rose School of Health and Beauty has been established as a ‘Centre of Excellence’, offering an extensive range of courses in Beauty Therapy to prepare students for excellent career opportunities in the industry.

Why you should consider educational workshops for your employees

Whether your organisation is educational or purely business, it’s extremely important to educate your students/employees on cybersecurity especially. 82% of data breaches involve human error, yet only 1 in 9 businesses (11%) provided cybersecurity training to non-cyber employees in 2020.

If you haven’t considered educational workshops for your staff, here are 3 reasons why you should reconsider:

  • Prevent cyberattacks and data breaches by educating your staff on how to prevent a cyberattack and the signs of one, so they avoid handing over sensitive business information to hackers

  • Help your staff upskill by teaching them how to use social media effectively. This is especially important if your business doesn’t have a marketing department, meaning your staff can come together to support the company’s social media presence.

  • Increase your business productivity rates – naturally an employee that has been provided with skills-based training is going to understand their job better and work more efficiently than without.

In short, both cybersecurity AND social media training are extremely beneficial for all organisations, for protecting what you already have now, but also to help you continue growing and improving in the future too. They’re a cost-effective way to help your employees upskill and progress in their own careers. 

At Aspect IT, we want to continue these workshops in a variety of organisations to help share the importance of cybersecurity and to assist in levelling up their marketing efforts through social media.

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