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Good Deed 6: Additional Marketing Material for Huddersfield to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

We're back again with another Good Deed. Here's number 6 - additional marketing material for Huddersfield to Ukraine

You may remember that back in August, for our first ever Good Deed, we provided marketing material to Huddersfield to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid, a voluntary group dedicated to supporting the people of Ukraine.

Since then, after witnessing how successful the materials were in helping the team promote their cause, as well as receiving positive feedback directly from Tim Marsden, founder of Huddersfield to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid, we were eager to do it again.

We therefore got to work, getting the materials re-printed and on their way to Tim and the team for our 6th Good Deed.

You can see those materials, including business cards and flyers, below.

marketing materials for HTUHA

More About Huddersfield to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

After witnessing the devastation brought on by the invasion of Ukraine, Tim and his partner Deborah decided they wanted to help where they could and so formed Huddersfield to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid.

Since 2022 they’ve been collecting humanitarian aid of all kinds, delivering it to Ukrainian towns and cities. Thanks to generous donations from supporters, they’ve built up a trusted network and now send aid to Ukraine on a regular basis.

Our director, Peter, has been working with Tim for a while, helping with the social media and with loading and fundraising where he can too.

If you didn’t know, Peter is of Ukrainian descent and has family in Ukraine who, like so many, have been affected by the war. Peter has also appeared on BBC Politics North and other such programmes.

The work being done by Huddersfield to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid is truly inspiring and it’s a privilege to be able to help them out again with this Good Deed.

You can keep up with the group’s efforts and get involved on their Facebook page. If you’d like to donate to the group’s current Christmas appeal, you can visit their GoFundMe.

marketing materials for HTUHA collage

14 More Good Deeds to Go!

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As always, if any of our contacts would like to get involved, please get in touch with us.

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