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Why It Pays to Filter Your Spam Email

There’s nothing more frustrating than being met with heaps of spam emails. Find out why your business needs

There’s nothing more frustrating than logging onto your computer in a morning and being met with heaps of emails that are either irrelevant, suspicious or junk.

It takes up valuable time going through them all and you could miss something important!

The best solution to this is investing in a spam email filter.

Let’s take a closer look…

What Is a Spam Email Filter?

A spam email filter is a simple, cost-effective solution which works to streamline your inbox for you. It separates spam, junk, malicious and suspicious emails from those that are legitimate.

As a result, you are left with more time to concentrate on the important emails.


How Does It Work?

It works by filtering your emails to a separate quarantine area which is then sent to you in a report, summarising the potential junk that would have gone into your inbox.

From here, you can delete what you don’t need and whitelist anything you want to keep.

(Whitelisting means approving the sender, allowing their emails to come straight to your inbox rather than going through the quarantine area.)

Why Does My Business Need It?

Spam emails are inconvenient and can negatively affect your business in more ways than one.

Traipsing through spam emails takes up valuable time. Time that could be spent focusing on work. If everyone in your office is doing this, that’s a lot of time spent on spam emails!

Additionally, an influx of spam emails also poses a cybersecurity risk to your company. Spam emails can often contain viruses or phishing requests which can be devastating for businesses.

We Can Help

Here at Aspect IT we offer a spam email filtering service!

The service is priced extremely competitively and is paid for via a monthly subscription. This is based on the number of mailboxes and domains you require protecting. The best part is that the spam filter gets to work immediately so you and your team have prompt protection!

Get in touch with us on 0161 241 9050 or for more information. 

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