How Tech Can Help You Cope During Lockdown

Another lockdown is upon us and although we’re far from thrilled about it, here at Aspect IT we’ve

Another lockdown is upon us and although we’re far from thrilled about it, here at Aspect IT we’ve been thinking hard about ways technology can help improve the situation. Tech enables you to do so much more than just work from home during lockdown; it can help you to stay in touch with friends, have fun, relax, keep fit and even stay safe in these times. Here are some of the ways technology can make the latest lockdown more bearable.

Staying Connected

“You’re on mute!” became everyone’s catchphrase in 2020 and Zoom quizzes were the highlight of the social calendar. However, great though video calls are, there are lots of other ways technology can help you stay in touch with family and friends.

Why not use smartwatches and apps like Strava and MapMyRun to take part in a fitness competition with your friends? You may not be allowed to train together right now, but you can always compete to see who achieves the highest speeds or covers the most miles each week. A bit of friendly competition can really help to put a spring in your step.

If you’ve had enough of quizzes, why not try an online escape room instead? As with a real-life escape room, you’re locked inside a room and must work as a team to solve puzzles in order to get out. The only difference is it’s all virtual!



If you live alone, it’s understandable that you might be concerned for your safety, especially on long, dark winter nights. If you find your heart thudding every time there’s a knock at the door, a smart video doorbell might help to set your mind at ease. It allows you to see who’s outside and check that no-one was sniffing around when you weren’t home.

Money Management

Technology has made banking easier than ever. In fact, you can do most of it from your phone. The days of having to go to your local branch to cash a cheque or open a new savings account are long gone.

If you’re worried about how a vulnerable loved one might be managing their money over lockdown, there are even apps to help with that. Apps like Kalgera and Touco allow carers to monitor their charges’ spending. They use safeguarding features to protect the vulnerable against fraud, whilst offering their families peace of mind through regular updates and notifications. This is a really valuable tool for keeping an eye on friends and relatives you may not be allowed to see at the moment.


Meanwhile, if money’s tight or you’re simply worried that you see your Amazon delivery driver more often than your closest friends, budgeting apps like Yolt, Mint and PocketGuard can help you to get your spending under control.

Learn a New Skill

Tech makes learning more accessible than ever! From YouTube tutorials to online courses, apps and even smart speaker skills, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the resources out there and learn new skills. Not only will it keep the mind busy, but you will have such a great sense of achievement for having tried, and maybe even mastered, something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do.

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