The Best Gadgets To Spoil Your Pet This Christmas

The Best Gadgets To Spoil Your Pet This Christmas

Don’t forget about your pets this Christmas! With all the love and joy they bring to us throughout

Don’t forget about your pets this Christmas! With all the love and joy they bring to us throughout the year, it’s only right to treat your furry friends. We’ve compiled our top 5 pet gadgets to bring maximum enjoyment, and not to mention make your life easier!

Furbo Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser – Currently £120 @

This interactive pet camera is a must have if you’re struggling to leave your pet after working from home for so long. It boasts a range of features, from a two way microphone so you can talk to your pet, to giving them a treat from the dispenser. You can even play a game with them whilst you’re out! The motion sensor and 1080p HD camera means you can keep an eye on your pet… and keep your anxiety at bay.

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Cat Mate/Dog Mate Pet Water Fountain - £26.95 @ Amazon

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Fed up with your pet spilling their water bowl? Then this gadget may be perfect for you! The Cat Mate Water Fountain is carefully designed to encourage your cat to drink. Your pets will be naturally drawn to the multi-height drinking levels and the clean, fresh flowing water the fountain provides. It is exceptionally quiet when on and they have a larger model called the ‘Dog Mate’ which holds more water for your larger pets. Less mess and a hydrated furry friend!

Catnip Moving Fish Toy For Cats - £9.99 @ Amazon

There’s nothing Cat’s love more than Catnip, so this rechargeable Moving Fish Toy will provide endless entertainment! This smart toy has a built-in touch sensor, so when your cat touches the fish it will automatically move and make a sound, encouraging your cat to play. It distracts your pet from chewing, scratching and destroying furniture and is filled with natural catnip, which is sure to get your feline friend excited!

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PETGEEK Automatic Interactive Dog Bone - £39.99 @ Amazon

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If your dog struggles with separation anxiety, this toy is perfect to keep them entertained and distracted. Just a touch from your pet and the bone is activated, moving in patterns and creating different routes and unexpected movements. The material is safe and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about your dog consuming the plastic. This is one toy that’s bound to get tails wagging!

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker - £44.99 @ Tractive

This gadget is so much more than a GPS tracker. Aside from being able to keep tabs on your pet, it can also display a heatmap of where they spend most of their time, as well as monitoring their activity and even their naps! In live mode, location updates every 3 seconds and you can get text alerts when your pet wanders a little too far from home. Peace of mind, guaranteed.

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With the rise of smart pet toys, we will likely be seeing more and more of these gadgets…would you invest in any for your pet? Let us know!

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