The Most Useful Microsoft 365 Features You May Not Know About

3 Microsoft 365 Tips to Boost Productivity

Mastering Microsoft 365 allows you to work smarter and ensure your teams are as productive as possible, no

Mastering Microsoft 365 allows you to work smarter and ensure your teams are as productive as possible, no matter where they’re working. Check out these 3 tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your 365 experience:

1. Speaker Coach

Most people are familiar with PowerPoint, but did you know that it’s equipped with an AI coach to take your presentation skills to the next level? Delivering a presentation can be a nerve-wracking experience but the Speaker Coach will help you be more prepared. The feature allows you to enter rehearsal mode, during which you will receive tips and advice to help with pacing, linguistic choices and even cultural sensitivity. At the end of your rehearsal, you’ll receive a report with suggestions on how to improve. Check out the great features.


2. Focus your Inbox

There’s nothing worse than seeing a number of irrelevant emails clogging your inbox, which is why Microsoft created the ‘Focused inbox’. The advanced tool determines the priority of emails based on an understanding of who you interact with and the nature of the email. An email from your colleague that included actionable points would go into your ‘focused’ inbox, whereas a newsletter may go into your ‘other’ folder to read at a more convenient time. This saves you time sifting through your emails meaning you have more time to spend working on other things.

3. Collaborate Within Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes collaboration easier by allowing you to work on files together. Share documents with colleagues in Teams channels and work on them in real time. This ensures no changes are missed and your team members are always working on the most current version, increasing productivity whilst reducing the risk of error and duplication.

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