Thousands of iPhone 6s users have been left with a permanently disabled phone after receiving the “Error 53” message. The world’s most profitable smartphone company has left hundreds, if not thousands, of its iPhone 6s users without a working phone. This is known as “Error 53”, which permanently shuts down (or ‘bricks’) your iPhone 6s. […]

We explore the technology available to facilitate home working Many companies are now offering their staff the opportunity to work at home, either full time or a fixed number of days per month. Home working can be an ideal solution for some people, whereas some people dislike it. So enabling staff to have a choice or work a fixed number of days at […]

It’s not an exaggeration to say that online social network sites have revolutionised the Web in recent times. Facebook is one of an elite few leading the way; every day, hundreds of people join the website to reconnect with old acquaintances and make new friends. Another important element of the platform is that it allows app developers […]

Bill is all over Facebook at the moment and is certainly trending in social media circles. But exactly who is Bill? What is his message to us? Should we be scared? Well, Bill is really quite innocent at the moment and will probably fade into obscurity in a few weeks. Bill is a social media […]

Isn’t awful? You’re just about to attend an important meeting and your battery life is dwindling. Your power adapter is no where in sight! Fear not, there are a few things you can do to extend your laptop’s life. Hurray! Flat battery syndrome is a thing of the past! Follow our simple tips and learn how to increase […]