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Celebrating 20 Years of Aspect IT with 20 Good Deeds

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we're celebrating our 20th anniversary by committing to 20 Good Deeds!

We are beyond thrilled to be celebrating our 20th anniversary and even more excited to announce that we are marking this special milestone by committing to 20 Good Deeds!

Good Deeds

What is a Good Deed?

We’re defining Good Deeds as actions we, Aspect IT, will take as a company to benefit and better the lives of people, our community, the environment and our amazing employees.

We’ve always been passionate about giving back and making a positive change, so this felt like the perfect way to celebrate 20 years in business. 

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Over the coming months we’ll be unveiling each Good Deed one by one so you can embark on this journey and share these positive moments with us.

Make sure you’re following us on social media and stay tuned as we’ll be announcing our very first Good Deed soon!


working together

Get Involved

If any of our contacts would like to get involved, or you have any ideas for our ‘Good Deeds’, please get in touch. We’d love to work together!

Let’s make a positive change, one Good Deed at a time.

Take a Look at the Good Deeds We’ve Completed:

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